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Superior Singing Method Review – Does It Really Work?

Posted by admin on June 6, 2015

Superior Singing Method Review

Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti – the basic vocalization syllables used in music class from when we were in elementary up to high school according to superior singing method. Remember your music teacher plucking a guitar string or tapping a piano key while asking the whole class to sing the do-re-mi. For children who are naturally gifted and equipped with the right level of self-esteem, this could be a fun memory. However, for children who were unable to discover their inner singing diva, this could remind them of how the teacher winced after their voice hits the wrong note. Everybody has a favorite song that they want to sing along with and believe it or not, everyone has that potential for learning how to sing.

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According to international vocal coach and professional singer Aron Anastasi, his superior singing method can release your inner singing talent just like the thousands of people he coached and helped to sing without spending a fortune and getting disappointing results. If you review his track record with this product, you will see that there are more than ten thousand people who purchased it already and have given wonderful insights and testimonials about how it improved their singing. Looking at his singing career, Anastasi is a part of the Broken Elements band which gave him a personal insight on what affects the singing ability of a person. He gives private lessons on singing using his personal techniques. All these are now available to more people because of his Superior Singing Method program.

What to expect from the package?

After purchase and signing-up of the superior singing method, users are given access to the member’s area where they can access the lessons. These are all arranged in modules which will be discussed later. There are also exercises that accompany the 31 lessons. These exercises are designed to train the vocal cords. The superior singing method package also includes 49 video lessons which is better for audiovisual learners.

Learn the different Modules

Module 1: This is like a welcoming package of superior singing method. It walks you through the program so that you can have a preview of the exercises that you will experience. This is a picture of how the entire training will go for you. Since this is a preview, it also provides you with a warm-up exercise that you can use before beginning every training session. It does not just focus on getting you physically ready but emotionally and psychologically because you would need lots of effort and patience if you want to succeed.

Module 2: Being the start of the training to achieving a singing voice, this superior singing method module focuses on your breathing. You need to know how to control the air in your lungs and your diaphragm so it does not break during a sing. If that happens it will leave you out of breath and unable to reach the proper notes and the right tempo. This is designed for a week.

Module 3: This superior singing method module is dedicated to vocal notes. This will make sure that you can avoid the tightened nose sound which could make you sound like you have a cold while singing.

Module 4: This one is for your pitch according to superior singing method. This is a great challenge because this is a great part of being a singer – singing songs at the right pitch. Some people use auto tune when recording songs but when you sing live, you cannot rely on programs to correct your pitch. You have to know. Pitch separates great singers from mediocre.

Module 5: Your voice resonance and power will be trained in this part. There are specific and delicate things to learn such as where to place the tongue in order to achieve the desired power and volume of one’s voice. This module will also last for a week.

Module 6: Progress is an important part and now that you know the basic skills in singing, this is the time to concentrate on reaching higher notes and how to mix different notes according to superior singing method. There is what Anastasi calls as singing in your chest voice and singing in your head voice. This is the time to synchronize them in order to develop the best singing skills. This is like singing your heart out while still staying in the beat.

Module 7: Polishing your skills happens at this module. In-depth details about singing a song while changing from one note to another. This enhances singing agility and ensures that you have a wide range of voice that will allow you to sing different songs.

Module 8: The maintenance module is the last from the superior singing method. It ensures that you will remember everything that you have learned in order to become a great singer.

Superior Singing Method Conclusion

Aron Anastasi made sure that regular people will be able to access his program so he created a product that is cheaper compared to the formal music school tuition fee. The program is just $97 and he also made sure that interested users could use an installment mode of payment or paying $39.95 three times. Superior singing method is also backed-up with the 60 day full money back guarantee.

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Superior Singing Method Review – Is It A Scam?

Posted by admin on June 2, 2015

Superior Singing Method Review

Everyone enjoys music depending on their personal preference, emotions, or mood according to superior singing method. Music is one of the things that could answer our aesthetic or beauty need and it serves different purpose in our lives. It is a form of entertainment, a mode of therapy, and a way of self-expression. Most people have a specific song that they always want to sing along with and it is an amazing feeling to be able to sing a song from the heart that would also please those people who are listening. This is why Aron Anastasi developed a superior singing method program that could release a person’s inner singing diva.

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The Man Who Created The Program

Aron Anastasi is a part of the Broken Elements band and is one of the best international vocal coaches as discussed in superior singing method. Being able to create music and teach others makes him a reliable source of knowledge when it comes to developing your personal singing skills. These people already released wonderful reviews and insights about his product. His Superior Singing Method already helped thousands of people to improve their singing skills without wasting a great amount of money. The problem with going to a music school is that you need to spend so much time trying to learn about history and the different types of music before trying to practice how to sing. This superior singing method product contains the same techniques and strategies that Anastasi used to train professional singers and those that he used himself in his singing career.

What is inside the package?

This online superior singing method product may be accessed through the internet and would ask you to sign-up before gaining access to the user’s area for the different singing lessons that you need to know. It is accompanied by 49 video lessons presenting Anastasi himself. His 31 lessons are divided into eight modules that will train the vocal cords and increase the ability to sing.

Module 1 of superior singing method is composed of the warming up and preliminary exercises. This part will walk you through the whole program so that you know what to expect and how to prepare yourself for the different trainings. It will teach you how to perform a warm-up exercise that you can do in before every lesson. This warm-up focuses both on the physiological, emotional, and psychological aspect of a person especially because this program requires intense dedication and effort.

Module 2 of superior singing method is the start of the actual training for having the desired singing voice. This part focuses on how to breathe while singing. A person needs to be aware how to control the air that goes into their lungs and diaphragm while singing. One problem that most of us encounter when singing is when we lack air and have to stop in a middle of a note in order to gasp for breath. Knowing where to get the air that we use when singing and when to breathe in and out is important and you will learn this within a week.

Module 3 of superior singing method focuses on learning about vocal notes. Another problem in singing is when you produce a tightened nose sound that gives others the impression that you have a cold while singing. This module will make sure that you can strengthen the production of the vocal notes so that your voice is clear when singing.

Module 4 of superior singing method will help you with pitch. One of the greatest challenge when singing is hitting the right pitch. Some people use technology in the form of auto tune. But this is not advisable and impossible in some instances. Professional singers who perform live need to learn how to reach the right pitch because using technology pushes them along with regular singers.

Module 5 of superior singing method is dedicated to resonance and power and is programmed to be learned for a week. This is easily achieved when a person already know where to place the tongue and how to position it while singing in order to make the best out of the air that is coming out.

Module 6 of superior singing methodis concentrated on increasing your ability to reach higher notes and to learn how to follow mixed notes in one song. This allows a person to have a great range of voice and have the ability to handle high notes. Anastasi said that this module will let the person mix the singing in your chest voice (from the heart) and singing in your head voice (how a song should be sung). When both are synchronized, it means a person can already sing from the heart because they have mastered the knowledge to do so and can unconsciously apply them.

Module 7 superior singing method will help you polish your singing skills by practicing your ability to sing while changing from one note to another.

Superior Singing Method Conclusion

Module 8 of superior singing method is the culmination of this program and is focused on saving the learning in your long term memory so that you can be on your longer way to professional singing.
For a price of $97 this product is a real must-try.

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